Beyond a Certain Critical Mass, 2022

This project explores the connotations and implications of the group of structures and relationships that is repeated in the downtown distritcs of North American cities. A space that depends on consumption, production and overexploitation, which defines in many aspects the life of the people who do not inhabit it. I focus my gaze on the psychological and identity impact that these spaces provoke in people who, for one reason or another, spend time in them. Effects such as anxiety, loneliness, alienation or displacement are accentuated by the production and consumption system where urban spaces exert a masked pressure on the individual. By stripping the purpose and culture of congestion from these urban spaces, I attempt to remove the power they are built upon so that the viewer can reflect on their origins and meaning.

Beyond a certain critical mass each structure becomes a monument.
Beyond a certain critical mass the relationship is stressed beyond the breaking point.

– Rem Koolhaas, Delirious New York.